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Ab-Soul: I’m Soulo, take a photo, blowin do-do in a dojo
Kendrick Lamar: We a green light, you a no go Hey Q go!
Schoolboy Q: No, Rock go!
Jay Rock: I’ma rock though, like Barack though, and my eyes low and I drive slow like Paul Wall
Schoolboy Q: Give it back though, I got y’all
Ab-Soul: Nah fuck that, I’mma ball hog
Kendrick Lamar: No fuck that, they gon’ fall off
Schoolboy Q: Gotta sawed off, I’mma hop out, let it all off, hop back in, then haul off
Kendrick Lamar: We situated, we hit the pavement so hard we all got ground to play with
Ab-Soul: A challenger is like, last year calendars
Jay Rock: Yup, you’re all outdated
Kendrick Lamar: We all amazing, you all can hate it, you can live or die that’s your ultimatum, married to the game at the alter wasted, a pound of white rice on the tribe of asians
Schoolboy Q: Niggas they’ll ride for me, bitches they desire me and what’s the one thing they hate most?
Jay Rock: sayin’ bye to me!

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thanks q
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thanks q

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Chance & Vic 
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Chance & Vic 

Old Fashioned edit by me

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